Not even once: Male stabs another after allegedly using meth for the first time

(Casper, Wyo.) - On February 16, 2016 at about 4:30 am Casper Police Detectives were notified of a stabbing that took place at Honeysuckle street in Casper, according to court records. Detectives were advised that two males were involved in a physical altercation in a vehicle. One of the males was stabbed in the face with a box cutter type knife. The male who was stabbed, ran into the Loaf and Jug gas station for help. The male was then transported to WMC and the clerk was taken to the Casper Police Station for questioning. The clerk advised officers that he was working that night, when the male entered the store bleeding from what he thought was the right side of his face, according to reports. The clerk continued to report that the other male, was not far behind the first one and was carrying the knife in his hand. It was reported that after a few minutes the male set the knife down near the register and the clerk took the knife and hid it. The male remained in the store making comments that the other male had stolen his car. The injured male ran into the bathroom and locked the door while the other male asked the clerk, "why everybody was against him". A short time later police officers arrived on scene, according to reports and the male, identified as Bradley James Davis, was very argumentative with officers and not cooperating. Detectives then spoke with the alleged victim of the attack who had cuts to the right side of his face. Reports continue to show that the two men played video games for the evening with Davis' girlfriend, she left and the two went to talk with her later that night. En route, the two began to argue about going to see her, and reports show that Davis jumped out of the moving vehicle. The other male stopped the vehicle and Davis tried to pull the male out of the vehicle. He then climbed back into the vehicle. Reports continue to show that Davis then began to hit the other male in the face with his fists. It was reported that later Davis began hitting him again with an object, possibly a pen, as the male felt the object puncture his skin. Detectives then spoke with Davis who reported, that he felt that the other male was driving intoxicated and wanted him to pull over so he could get out. He then began punching him in the face as he felt that he was stealing his car. It was reported that Davis found an object in the car and punched the male with the object several times. He told officers that he did not know what the object was but that it fit in his hand. It was reported in court records that Davis was very up and down in his emotions while speaking with officers. Officers again spoke with Davis at a later time where his demeanor had calmed down and he told officers that he had smoked marijuana and for the first time smoked meth. He advised that he was very sorry for what he did and reported that he was not an aggressive person. He was arrested and booked for aggravated assault. #oilcity #news