Join the 'Crazies' in the Psych Ward at Stage III's newest production

(Casper, Wyo.) - With a star-studded cast of sixteen from around the Oil City, Stage III Community Theater will bring life to the Psych Ward. ​​ ​​Based off the novel by Ken Kesey and the five time Academy Award movie with Jack Nicholson, "One Few over the Cuckoo's Nest" will be performed live in Casper. Following ten years of directing and casting around the US, New York native, Dennis Gleason will put the audience inside the ward with the patients. ​ "This play focuses on the hospital staff versus a rebel. The play shows the human nature in this dark comedy, and shows how one can easily get admitted into an institute, but once in, it is difficult to get out," said Gleason. He continued, "This play was a bit challenging to direct in a round setting at Stage III. The cast is forced to move around a lot, and I think the setting will put the audience right in with the 'crazies'." A rouge inmate, McMurphy, played by Clint Saunders, creates havoc in the institute an clashes with the the head nurse, Nurse Ratched, played by Pat Griener. The play shows the development of characters as they interact with one another in the ward, and a revolt begins against the staff to watch the World Series. "This play really shows how the characters have self-doubts and insecurities just like you and I. They must overcome these struggles and not fall into the trap of self-doubt," commented Gleason. ​ "Sometimes it is just fun to see your neighbors and friends as somebody else, and I think our play will show how a movie is very different than a movie," concluded Gleason. The cast has been working vigorously for the past four and a half weeks and the play is set to debut March 4 at 7:30 pm. To learn more about this play and about Stage III Community Theater, contact them at (307)-234-0946. ​ ​ #oilcity #news