(Casper, Wyo.) - "Safety, safety," hollered Natrona County Risk Manager Andrea Nester Thursday afternoon as the group of teachers and staff participated in the active shooter training at Frontier Middle School. The staff was presented with paintball masks and were left in a classroom awaiting a shooter with an air soft gun. ​ Their first test, to hide beneath desks with the lights turned off, as many schools use to teach their children. "In this first scenario, the participants can not do any ALICE training techniques, it is to show them that the old safety measures do not work," reported Nester. In the classroom scenario, eighteen shots were fired, and fifteen participants were shot with the air soft gun. One of the participants commented after safety was called, "I felt like a sitting duck, just waiting to get shot." Nester reassured participants that they were sitting ducks and the best thing one can do in an active shooter incident, is move and get out! ​ "Evacuation is the best thing you can do," said Nester. The other scenarios allowed the staff to use ALICE techniques such as barricading the room, throwing red balls at the shooter as a distraction, evacuation and SWARM techniques discussed in the previous session . To learn more about the ALICE training contact Andrea Nester at NCSD (307)- 253-5200. #oilcity #news