Putting your heart into your future; Casper resident grateful for the help

(Casper, Wyo.) -Three children, working two jobs and building a home, that is what Casper resident, Donielle Beard is doing with her free time. Donielle applied and was granted a home with Habitat for Humanity and she reiterated that it is not a free home. ​ "This is something that you have to work for, you are helping to build your home and your future. I have a mortgage to pay, and I have to put my heart into this." This mother of three graduated from CLIMB Wyoming and is working two jobs to provide for her kids. ​​ In order to complete her home and the program she must log 350+ hours of work on her home. She told Oil City that a few years ago she was forced out of her home with new HUD standards and she then applied for Habitat for Humanity to, "find a more permanent place for my kids and something that I could afford." Today, the members of the Wyoming Game and Fish Casper Region stepped in to assist Donielle and the Habitat crew. WGFD Office Manager and board member of Habitat for Humanity, Kindra Moore commented, "It's great to do something fun and productive for the community besides working for the critters. Habitat for Humanity helps to stabilize communities and create stable housing for families. We at the Game and Fish are here to serve the wildlife and to serve people." ​ Moore reported that fifteen Game and Fish staff members stepped up to join the fight today and help on the project. Janet Milek, WGFD Public Information Specialist commented, "The office is kind of a family, and this is something fun for us to spend the weekend together. It is not very often that we can all get together and focus on the same project." With a big smile, Donielle stepped in after cutting some siding and commented, ​ "They are awesome and good people! I am internally grateful for the help and what these guys and gals are doing for me.I am grateful for the volunteers from the past for helping me and my children out. I am internally grateful and blessed to have the community support." It was then back to work for the crew, Donielle steps in to work on her house every Saturday from eight until noon. ​ The community is always invited to volunteer their time with Habitat for Humanity. To learn more about the Habitat for Humanity program or to apply, contact them at (307)-234-1348. #oilcity #news