An ESPN moment in the 307

(Casper, Wyo.) - Saturday night the Rawlins Outlaws and the Douglas Bearcats battled to the rim during a 3A shootout. One of the referees of the game, Keith Groeneweg recounted the game on social media: *Last night our crew got to witness an "ESPN moment" as we reffed a high school basketball game. At the end of the game between Douglas and Rawlins, Douglas put in a player who had special needs. The student section cheered and chanted his name as the kid just beamed with joy. With less than a minute to go in the game, he got his first rebound and the entire gym cheered. Then as time was winding down, he received a pass from a teammate in the lane. Rather than playing tight defense, the Rawlins players backed away and gave him an open shot. He put up a shot as the buzzer banked hard off the backboard and went in! The student section rushed the floor and hugged, embraced and lifted the young man up as the hero for the night. No one cared about the final score. THAT is what high school sports should be about every night, every game.* Douglas student, Dominick Firnekas battles with autism and scoliosis and he is the lone senior baller for the Bobcats. Keith Groeneweg commented to Pitchengine Communities, "The credit goes to the student athletes and their sportsmanship. It's all about the kids." Feature Photos: h.t Douglas High School #oilcity #news