Casper Police Department locate male contorted in a cooler

(Casper, Wyo.) - On Friday, February 19 at approximately 9:27 pm Casper Police Officers were dispatched to SE Wyoming BLVD, Hardees Restaurant for a report of a welfare check. Officers were advised that an employee was acting like he was, "under the influence" and had hid in a refrigerator and would not come out. Upon arrival officers spoke with the manager at Hardees. Court records continue to show that the manager told officers that he arrived for his shift around 4:00 pm and his co-worker, identified as Joseph Buchanan, was acting strange. He reported that Buchanan was acting paranoid and hallucinating. Court records show that the manager said that Buchanan stated that he was on a "watch list" and would point at cars and seem worried that the occupants were after him. The manager continued to report, Buchanan went into the bathroom and disappeared for about 30-45 minutes and the manager could not find him. The manager finally discovered Buchanan hiding in a bread cooler in the back of the restaurant, according to reports. Buchanan had contorted his body inside to fit. The manager also told officers that he thought that he had seen Buchanan carrying a baggie that looked to contain drugs. Reports continue to show that officers then investigated the scene and opened the bread cooler to find Buchanan inside. Reports show that he was bent into the very bottom of the cooler in a small space with his arms and legs uncomfortably folded to fit in. He appeared to officers to be asleep in the cooler and advised to officers that he was sleeping. Officers then spoke with Buchanan who stated, he arrived at work around 9:00 am and had been working all day. He denied taking any drugs and said he was not on any medications, according to court records. He told officers that he was stuffed into the cooler because he was feeling hot. Buchanan admitted that he had used methamphetamine two days prior for the first time and said that he felt that may be one of the reasons he was acting as he was. He denied having any drugs on him at the time. He told officers that he was not hallucinating and he had just been making up stories to 'scare' his co-workers on purpose because they thought he was weird. Court records continue to show that officers would later find a needle with methamphetamine in Buchanan's possession and a baggie with crystalline substance that appeared to be meth. Buchanan was arrested and charged with possession of a controlled substance and transported to Natrona County Detention Center. #oilcity #news