Dispatch: Male found wearing a green shirt and one sock; Male attempts to steal officer's handgun

(Casper, Wyo.) - Here is a recap of law enforcement activity from around Natrona County over the past twenty-four hours. All those cited or arrested are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law. Charges filed are subject to change following official filling from Natrona County District Attorney's Office. *Arrests:* *Casper Police Department* Alexis S Burns, DWUI, DWUS, open container. Kimberly I Diekemper, Casper, Criminal Warrant. Kenneth B Griffith, Casper, under the influence of a controlled substance. At approximately 2:35 pm Casper Police Officers responded to the area of 20th and Poplar Street for a report of suspicious activity. The reporting party told dispatch that there was a male walking in the area dressed in only a green shirt. Reports continue to show that the male was looking in windows, and the RP believed he was, "high on something". It was also reported that he had climbed in a pick-up parked a few houses away. Upon arrival, the RP pointed out a Ford pickup in front of a residence. Officers then made contact with the male, later identified as Kenneth B Griffith in the vehicle. Officers noted, in court records, Griffith was only wearing a green t-shirt and his left sock. Griffith appeared to be staring at some imaginary object, following it around the vehicle with his head and eyes, according to reports. When officers questioned Griffith, he could only respond with random hand gestures, laughter and giggling. Officers noted a cut on his hand that was bleeding profusely and had medical staff respond to the scene. Officers continued to ask Griffith questions with no response and they were unsuccessful finding anyone in the area that knew the man. Medical staff arrived on scene and while officers were helping him into the ambulance they heard him say that he had used hallucinogenic mushrooms. He was then transported to the ER. While medical staff transported Griffith, officers located a pair of pants and a sock matching the one on Griffith at 20th and Cedar. It was reported in court records that while Griffith was at the hospital he became uncooperative with the staff and at one point ripped out his IV. Once he was medically cleared, he was transported to NCDC and booked for being under the influence of a controlled substance. Rusty R Halsey, Casper, felony interference w/PO. Officers responded to a family fight on Fremont Avenue at approximately 9:23 pm. The RP reported to dispatch that her husband was being violent and throwing pictures off the wall. Reports show that officers arrived on scene and identified the male as Rusty R Halsey. They told him they were there because he was destroying his property and scaring his wife. Reports continue to show that while officers were speaking with him, he was very tense and staring at the officer's duty belts. He asked officers if they had a gun, and he reported, "Then you better use it on me." Officers told him that it would not be necessary and told him that he was not in trouble at this point. Reports continue to show officers speaking with Halsey until he went and put on his boots. Officers reiterated to him that he was not in trouble but inquired as to where he could go for the remained of the evening. Reports show that Halsey then stood up and attempted to enter the kitchen where officers were speaking with his wife. Officers asked him to sit down several times. All of sudden Halsey reached out with his left hand and grabbed one of the officers' handgun and attempted to jerk it out of the holster. Officers put Halsey to the ground, according to reports and arrested him for felony interference with a peace officer. John F Jackson, Riverton, suspended/revoked DL. Roberto M Jimenez Beltran, Casper, District Court Bench Warrant, failure to appear. Uriah M Smith, Mills, possession of controlled substance, failure to appear, shoplifting, criminal trespass. *Total Arrests Reported: *7 *Calls:* Casper Police Department responded to *179* calls including two disturbances, two frauds, one graffiti, three hit and runs, one loud music, one structure fire, and three thefts. *Arrests:* *US Marshall* Jose Sosa-Rodriguez, contract hold/billing. William D Cruise, contract hold/billing. Leslie A Geboe, contract hold/billing. *Total Inmates Reported: *266 *Calls:* Natrona County Sheriff's Office responded to *27 *calls including one harassment, one hit and run, a fire assist, and three book-ins. #oilcity #news