Did you hear the Roar? Dino talk at CC

The second lecture in the “Dinosaurs of Wyoming” lecture series at the Tate Geological Museum will be “Big Wonderful Wyoming's Jurassic World of Dinosaurs: Like No Place on Earth” by Brent Breithaupt on Thursday, Feb. 25 at 7 p.m. “Wyoming is known worldwide because of paleontological work done there over the past 150 years. In particular, the fossils and rocks exposed throughout this western state preserve Jurassic life and environments unlike anywhere else on the planet. Consequently, past and current discoveries have dominated the media and have led to the popularization of dinosaurs and their contemporaries worldwide,” said Breithaupt, regional paleontologist for the Bureau of Land Management. Breithaupt, who has been studying the geology and paleontology of the Mesozoic Era for over 35 years, will give an entertaining and informative talk “about the life and times of the animals that once roamed, swam, and flew in Wyoming during the Jurassic Period, as well as the people and expeditions that unearthed these fascinating, ancient creatures, which are so well known in our popular culture,” he said. The other two lectures set in the series are Russell J. Hawley on March 24 and Peter L. Larson on April 14. All presentations in the lecture series are free and open to the public, and will take place in the Skelton Energy Institute, Room 103, on the Casper College campus. #oilcity #whatshappening #caspercollege