Quick chat with Representative Steve Harshman

(Cheyenne, Wyo.) - Oil City recently spoke with House District 37 Representative, Steve Harshman at the 2016 Legislative Session. "There have been a lot of very long days, but things are going good," said Harshman over the phone. Harshman reported that the team continues to work on the budget and they are hopeful to complete a final draft to present to the Governor on Monday. "When we start decreasing revenues things get a little tougher. At this point we have only eliminated on job position and have been eliminating jobs that have been vacant for the last year," said Harshman. "We have worked to reduce travel and vehicle miles on state vehicles and just cutting some of the little stuff." He mentioned that the committees are considering adding a Master's Program to UW/CC. He also discussed some amendments to the bill concerning guns in meetings. "This bill has failed in the past four or five years because schools, such as the University of Wyoming and community college meetings have been a part of it. This session, we cut out those options, and the bill was a lot less controversial." Harshman concluded, "We are hopeful to finish up the session next week, and hopeful that Governor Mead will approve the budget. He will have three days to deliberate and make a final decision." To contact your local Senators and Representatives, click the link Here . Feature Photo: Wyoming Legislature/Pitchengine Communities #oilcity #news