Tyler Ramsey

Upon hearing the name Tyler Ramsey your mind automatically brings up the F word. That’s right, FIERCE. Fiendishly Funny. FAMILY. FRIEND. Fiesta. Famously Forthright. Fashion Forward. Fighter. Fabulous. Not to mention Follicularly Flawless. Those of us who had the great pleasure to know him can all be filed under the tab, FORTUNATE. ​ ACT I Tyler Reed Ramsey made his debut December 7,1984 in Casper, Wyoming to loving parents, Pamela “Lobsterclaw” Ramsey and Tom Ramsey, who does not resemble Debbie Reynolds in any way. The spirited youngster, along with his three siblings who(m?) he equally loved and tortured as brothers do, experienced the typical 80's/90's upbringing. He enjoyed activities such as riding bikes, playing games with the children of the neighborhood, belting out his favorite tunes, and recreating the dance scenes from “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” with his best buddy and cousin, Whitney. Always making memories with his family, his Uncle Mike tried to pass on his expert fisherman knowledge, resulting in Tyler’s first big catch, his younger brother, Kyle, hooked through the nose. His childhood room decorated with various Austin Powers memorabilia and particularly glorious cut and paste job of his own creation. Picture this, people...a kelly green backdrop on which the White Power Ranger stands mightily, ready for action. Yet atop its shoulders sits the head of his beloved Reba. Her ginger curls cascading over the shoulders of the ranger uniform. Masterpiece. Summertime, 1997 a British pop sensation bursts onto the music scene with their hit single “Wannabe”. Tyler’s life would never be the same. He would have no choice but to carry on spicing up the lives of everyone he would encounter from than moment on. A star pupil, Tyler was selected for the Gifted and Talented program. Until his graduation from Kelly Walsh High School in 2003 he maintained a high level of academic success. His expansive intellect and quick wit were unparalleled. He was without doubt the most smartest. ACT II After a couple years at the University of Wyoming he left small town life behind to pursue his true passion. He attended the International Academy Of Design and Technology in Chicago where he earned his Bachelors in Fashion Merchandising, just like the great Elle Woods. With a fresh start surrounded by new, supportive, and uplifting friends, his true self began to emerge. Whilst he would always treasure these relationships and his time spent in Chicago he heard the Big Apple calling. In 2009 he finally arrived in the City that Never Sleeps. He knew he was home. He would forge friendships with many beautiful and vivacious people who would become family to him. Ever the hard working chap, he worked his way from job to job, store to store kicking ass and taking names climbing his way to the top becoming the U.S. Regional Manager of Office Shoes. This opened up the opportunity for him to travel not only throughout the U.S., but abroad making the trek with close friends from Amsterdam to Paris to Bordeux to London.What he loved about traveling and living in the city was that there were always a million things to do and you never knew where your day or night may lead. Tyler craved adventure, surprise, and anything out of the ordinary. This was reflected in all aspects of his life, fashion, food, people, music, etc . He had a love of hats, shoes, scarves, sunglasses, tacos and most of all his family and friends. 2009 was also the year he became the World’s Greatest and Most Fashionable Uncle with the birth Kamdyn Tyler Ramsey. Soon to follow Mason, Millie, Clara, Karsen and Eleanor. They will forever carry the Weirdness and Fierceness he bestowed upon them. Despite only rave reviews and standing ovations, his time in the spotlight was cut tragically short. It has become increasing clear that the Broncos participation in the Super Bowl and subsequent win was divine intervention. It ensured that his exit from the stage was among his most loved. He could give the greatest advice and was never shy about telling you his true opinion. He was there when you needed to cry, there when you needed a laugh, and there when you needed to be set straight about that outfit you thought you were going out in. He will be profoundly missed by his close-knit, devoted familial entourage, a joyful cast of hilarious and loyal friends and legions of adoring fans. If you were lucky enough to know Tyler please join us in celebrating and honoring him. "Memorial Service" Saturday, February 27th at Newcomer Funeral Home Chapel @2:00pm, 710 E 2nd St. In Casper. "Reception" to follow at First Christian Church, 520 CY Ave in Casper. Picture me air quoting as you read those words. Those words are fine for most of us ordinary people. We are talking about Tyler though. What we are trying to do is give you A Tyler Ramsey experience and pay a fitting tribute to such an epic person. Come and eat, laugh and cry with us.Come with your best Tyler stories. Come in an outfit of which Tyler would approve. Come prepared to listen to the Spice Girls. We love you forever Tyty. #oilcity #obits