Remembrance ceremony for Mick McMurry set for anniversary of his death

Thursday, March 10 will mark one year since beloved philanthropist Mick McMurry died. In his remembrance, the McMurry family will be holding a Memorial Mass on 7 p.m. at St. Patrick's Church. The public is invited to attend. In a statement from Susie McMurry, Mick's widow, and the rest of the family, they thanked the community for all of its support of the last year. "We have good days and bad," the family says. "We still have more questions than answers. Our lives are forever changed. Not saying our lives are a mess but that they are different. Mick was so involved with the community that we see reminders of him everywhere. In the moment, the memories can be sad, happy, or just numbing. "Dealing with a suicide of a close family member is a helpless feeling. We have felt sorrow, shame, confusion, and self-blame. It has taken time and your support to realize these feelings do not have to be eternal. Like any other person who is struggling, we have two choices; go backwards or forwards. We know many in our great State are struggling with all kinds of problems. Without doubt, Mick would insist we go forward and we will honor his memory by doing so. "We need to eradicate the stigma that surrounds suicide so we can deal with the mental health issues that cause it. In some way, maybe Mick’s greatest contribution to Wyoming has yet to be realized." *photo of Mick McMurry h/t University of Wyoming* #oilcity #news