Shinedown is returning to the Oil City where it knows it can 'find rock fans'

(Casper, Wyo.) - They created the *Sound of Madness *during previous shows in Wyoming and now they are returning to rock the Oil City. Known worldwide for their streak of hits, the American band Shinedown is returning this March. Shinedown will be putting on a rock show for fans showcasing their fifth album "Threat to Survival," featuring their chart topping hits 'State of My Head' and 'Cut the Cord.' Oil City spoke with Shinedown's drummer, Barry Kerch, who told us what makes them great, and why they penciled in Casper for their latest tour. "We have been to Casper and Wyoming quite a few times, and we have learned that a lot of people like to rock out West, and we love going where we can find rock fans," said Kerch. "We are ready to bring a high intensity active rock show to our Wyoming fans, this is what we live for. We want to bring a show that allows our fans to escape from reality. They can get away from the grind and bring a sense of relief from life." He continued to comment about why they chose to return to Wyoming. "We just love the Spring time here," he said. "It's definitely a different place then where I grew up in Florida, I like the little bit of cold and the relief from the humidity." During one of their previous tours, the band had a chance to visit Yellowstone, and Kerch told us that it was "definitely a bucket list place and a place you have to see." So, are you ready to rock with Shinedown, Casper? Here is what Kerch and the band likes seeing from the crowd. "With me being behind the drums I don't generally get to see many faces in the crowd, but when I do, I like to see people letting loose and having a good time. We are entertainers and like to see people's smiling faces, singing along with us and interacting with us," commented Kerch. "The most important thing is we want people to have a good time. We like to see them jumping around, and we like to share that energy and get them in the groove." Shinedown will be playing the Casper Events Center on March 14. *screenshot from the 'State of my Head' video*