McMurry Foundation donates to WFFT to gear up for the Spring Break vacation

(Casper, Wyo.) - 3,750. That's how many items WFFT needs each week to give kids the bare minimum in their bags. With Spring Break coming up and 10-days out of school for the vacation, that number will increase to 18,750 food items! ​ Wyoming Food for Thought Director Jamie Purcell commented,"We have recently received a generous grant from the McMurry Foundation to help with the Spring Break bags." She continued to report that the $5,000 grant for the Spring Break bags will go along way. "Wyoming Food for Thought Project is honored to be the recipient of a $5,000 grant from the McMurry Foundation. The foundation's continued vision of creating a community where no one gets left behind - where we all build a better Wyoming together, is leading Wyoming into the future. " "This gift will help Wyoming Food for Thought Project make sure 625 children right here in our community don't go without just because they're outside of their safety net at school. As we continue our work, we are empowered by the support of Susie, Trudie, and George at the McMurry Foundation, and by all of our supporters." Purcell encouraged the community to consider holding food drives in the community and community volunteers are always welcome to help stuff the bags for the students. Contact WFFT for more information about the program #oilcity #news #WFFT