Is this the copper wire you have been looking for!?!

(Natrona County, Wyo.) - The Natrona County Sheriff's Office is currently seeking any information from the public pertaining to a theft of copper wire. On March 1, 2016 the NCSO recovered three separate bundles of cooper wire, which appeared to have been removed from a business specializing in the oil field industry. The cooper wire was comprised of three different gauges with all three having distinct and unique markings. At this time, NCSO is unable to identify the owners or location from which the wire was taken from. The identifying markings on the copper wire are contained in the photograph. Anyone who has knowledge concerning the cooper wire, please contact the Natrona County Sheriff's Office at 307-235-9282. Feature Photo: h.t NCSO/Pitchengine Communities #oilcity #news