Casper man arrested for allegedly choking a three month old pit bull

​(Casper, Wyo.) - On Friday, March 5th at approximately 5:15 am Casper Police Offers responded to Glendale Avenue for a family fight. An anonymous caller stated that there was a physical fight inside the residence on Glendale. The RP stated that there was screaming, banging and things being thrown around inside the residence. The RP told officers that a 'black male' wearing dark clothing exited the residence and was hitting a car at the house. Reports show that officers arrived on scene and heard a male yelling from the North of the residence. The officer approached the residence and observed a male, later identified as Willie Young inside the residence. Officers continued to hear yelling from inside the residence and knocked on the front door a couple times, according to reports. Officers announced that they were officers and needed to speak with Young, yet he would not open the front door. Young quit talking with officers until a woman opened the door to officers and exited with a dog in her arms. Officers observed the female to be upset and crying. The woman stated to officers that Young had "choked her dog out" and was abusive to it. She continued to state in court records that Young did not live at the residence and she wanted him to leave. With the woman's permission, officers entered the home and overheard Young making inappropriate comments to another female. Officers made contact with Young in the living room. Officers told Young that they were there because of a fight and a disturbance complaint, and reports show that Young became argumentative with officers and did not know why they were there. He told them he would get, "freaky" with officers. Young continued to be argumentative and not answer officers questions. Reports show that inside of the residence officers observed overturned furniture and an empty bottle of Crown Royal Regal Apple on the floor. Officers observed Young to have slurred speech, bloodshot glassy eyes and the odor of an alcoholic beverage on his breath and person. Officers had Young's name run and learned that he had warrants out for his arrest. Young was escorted by officers outside where he continued to yell and holler. Officers then spoke with the owner of the home again who stated, Young was at her residence with his girlfriend. She stated that the two got into a fight and she left, and reports show that he grabbed her three month old pit-bull dog and choked the dog for approximately ten seconds. She stated that the dog urinated on the couch and could not breath. She stated that she was highly upset and wanted Young trespassed for life. Reports continue to show that at Natrona County Detention Center Young presented a .15 BAC and continued to argue and fight with officers. At one point according to reports, he stood up grabbed a chair and officers had to physically restrain him. He was arrested and booked for animal cruelty, breach of peace, and probation violation. #oilcity #news