Rainy/Snowy skies got you blue? Here are some Wyoming Netflix shows to boost the spirits

(Wyoming) - Looks and feels like Wyoming is the new Portland, Oregon today. The 'Springy' weather from the weekend has ended and has left us feeling blue. Take today to escape from reality and enjoy binge watching a few of these Wyoming favorites on Netflix. 1. Starship Troopers , filmed in the Oilers backyard of Hells Half Acre. Watch NPH learn the brigade of troopers across the rustic, rough terrain of Hells Half Acre and battle the bugs. ​ 2, Hell on Wheels , follows the tale of a revenge filled character tackling the Black Hills about the construction of the First Transcontinental Railroad across the United States. ​ 3.Criminal Minds The long running season of Behavioral Detectives brings them to Evanston, Wyoming in Season five episode, Risky Business. Teen suicides are the focus of the episode in Unita County. ​ 4. We cannot forget Longmire . Follow 5 seasons with Wyoming Sheriff Walt Longmire as he investigates crimes around Wyoming. ​ 5. National Geographic: 'Secret Yellowstone' Catch Old Faithful erupting at your convenience, see the wild wolves come alive and experience our First National Park up close from your couch! ​ Enjoy the rainy day Wyoming! #oilcity #news #county10 #county17 #dally #springcity #buckrail #shortgo #reboot