Hurt is healed through kindness: The community continues to pay it forward towards the McMurry family

(Casper, Wyo.) - Thursday night a crowd of over a hundred community members tightly joined together at the St. Patrick's Catholic Church to honor the Wyoming Legend, Mick McMurry for a mass celebration. ​ The community came together to support and honor Susie McMurry and the McMurry family following the tragedy of Mick McMurry 's death last March. The community was left with the "Cowboy Code of the West" to dwell on and thoughts of Mick, continuing to "Build a Better Wyoming" *Wyoming State Code of Ethics* 1. Live each day with courage. 2. Take pride in your work. 3. Always finish what you start. 4. Do what has to be done. 5. Be tough, but fair. 6. When you make a promise, keep it. 7. Ride for the brand 8. Talk less and say more. 9. Remember that some things aren't for sale. 10. Know where to draw the line. #oilcity #news