Desmond Triplett found guilty of four counts of sexual abuse of a minor

(Casper, Wyo.) - Following a week long trial, the Jury spoke Friday afternoon and found 64 year old Desmond Triplett guilty of four counts of sexual abuse of a minor. In November of 2014 Triplett was arrested for first-degree and third-degree sexual abuse of a minor with victims stretching back 30 years, according to court documents. Charges would later be amended to the four charges of sexual abuse of a minor. According to the charging documents, the first charge corresponds with incidents that occurred between Feb. 1, 1975 and Feb. 1, 1976, nearly 40 years ago. The original investigation into Triplett began in October 2013 but resumed in November 2014 according to court documents. His defense attorney told the court that he has been cooperative with detectives in what has been a year-long investigation. Triplett allegedly used his relationship and his victims interests, like magic, to initiate sexual acts. Triplett will be sentenced at a later date. #oilcity #news