Red Cross to deliver quilts to those who lost homes during the Cole Creek fire

(Casper, Wyo.) - On Friday, March 18, Red Cross of Wyoming will be distributing quilts to the those who lost their homes in the Cole Creek Fire. The 32 quilts were made by local residents associated with the Kalico Kat Quilt Shop in Casper. Shop owner, Sandie Swanson worked with the Casper Red Cross office to get a list of the number of households and ages of those affected by the fire. Then about 25 quilters got to work on quilts in various sizes from adult to kid size. The finished quilts are being distributed Friday at the Casper Red Cross office, 318 B St., from 5 - 7:30 PM. The Cole Creek Fire Recovery Organization (CCFRO) has partnered with the Red Cross to help with contacting recipients and distribution. For more information about the distribution, call Lucas Murphy, Disaster Program Specialist, at (307) 286-0441. For more information about the sewing of the quilts, contact Sandie Swanson at (307) 237-8458. *Feature Photo: h/t A.M. Ruttle,* #oilcity #news