Time to toss your 10 year old's car seat; Veni Vidi Duci Robotics Team to the rescue!

(Casper, Wyo.) - Are you ready for some Spring cleaning!?! The time is now to clean out that dusty garage and toss your 10 year old's car seat out. Casper's Robotics Team, Veni Vidi Duci Robotics (They Came, They Saw, They Calculated) will be hosting a Car Seat Recycling Day as part of their Robotics' Project this weekend. ​ Head coach of the team, Jason Katzmann, had his team ready to answer questions and show off their bot, *Edavecsinop*, (created with vowels and the student's initials) this morning. "We have partnered with Safe Kids of Central Wyoming, Keep Casper Beautiful, and the City of Casper Recycling for this event. We are looking for those old, expired car or booster seats, " reported Katzmann. The kids told us that there is an expiration date on all car seats and after 6-10 years they must be replaced. The heating and cooling in vehicles causes a car seat to lose its strength over time. It is safer to dispose of the seat instead of passing it on to another, and it is also illegal to sell or give away old car seats. "Our goal is to collect 1,800 car old and used car seats this weekend, load them up in a semi truck, and send them to a demolition/recycling company in Utah. The first 400 people to drop off car seats will receive a Subway coupon and a chance to win a free car seat," the students' commented. ​ The team reported that last year there were 1,074 babies born in Natrona County. If each baby uses an infant car seat, a toddler car seat, and a booster seat, that means over a ten year period, 20,000-30,000 car seats could be thrown in the landfill. "The State of Wyoming does not have the ability to recycle the #5 plastics that car seats are made from. The old seats are then taken to a landfill where they will take up space and may never decompose. We want your car seats, the #5 plastic seat, the buckles, the straps, and the fabric," explained the team. Veni Vini Duci also took the time out of their rigorous training for their second trip to the World Championship Festival (held in April in St. Louis) to show off their bot in action. The team consists of seventeen students from sixth to eighth grade and is a group of home schoolers. The group was broken into a Green Team and a Blue Team and then they began taking on robotics' challenges. ​ Coach Kazmann talked about the competition, "So our students compete in four categories at a competition, and their total from all four events leads to their final total". Students compete in a *Core Values Challenge:* - Which assesses their core values and they are asked in various ways to show how they can work as a team taking on a project, like stacking cards or dominoes. The next challenge is the *Robot Design:* - Students are asked to show the judges how their programming works and they carry Engineer Notebooks to take notes and show the judges how they operate their bot. Then there is the actual *Robotics Challenge:* - This challenge puts their robot on the board and they are asked to complete various tasks associated with the overall theme across the nation. This years has been *Trash Trek.* The final challenge is the *Project*: - The team has been working to come up with a problem and find a solution, and they elected to take on car seat recycling. This challenge aligns with the challenges that their bot faces and puts it in a real world setting. The kids are excited about the project and are excited to get out and interact with the community. "It's great to get out and make a difference, we want to make Casper a safer place and keep the landfills free of old car seats." ​ The students plan to share their success with the Casper City Council and petition to get a car seat recycling station in Casper in the next few months and will be at the Casper Landfill and the Central Wyoming Fairgrounds Recycling Center. Drop by this Saturday, March 19th between 9:00 am- 3:00 pm. For more information about the Car Seat Drive or about the team contact coach Jason Katzmann at (307)462-4468. #oilcity #news