Swinging for the fences; Casper Youth Baseball steps to the plate with changes for the 2016 season

(Casper, Wyo.) - "We know we have responsibility to earn back the trust of the community, and we as a board, we are working hard to accomplish that, " commented Casper Youth Baseball Board President James Kessner. We spoke with Kessner and the Casper Youth Baseball board members today about how they are moving past the recent embezzlement case and working to get back to baseball. "Baseball is ingrained in our community, and we want the public to know that we are still here. We are working to move past this and gain the communities' trust and keep it," said Kessner. "Instead of putting this burden on the kids we went directly the other way and we are working to build a better program for them," commented Office Manager Lorene Peterson. Kessner and his board staff all reported that they have been working tirelessly to update their old, outdated board polices and have made sure that checks and balances are in place. They have added new polices that are effective and will be enforced. The youth baseball program is no longer affiliated with the Babe Ruth League polices and they have taken on their own policy manuals. "We have tightened up our reins and pulled back to handle all of our own polices. Everything that we do is going to be open and able to be reviewed by the public." commented Kessner. Kessner and his team reported a few big changes to the program this year, including a new look for players. The team has scrapped the old worn out T-shirt and trucker hat uniforms in exchange for new Minor League trademark jerseys and hats that kids will get to keep at the end of their season. "Our uniforms have been less than quality and it was time for a change," added Vice President Randy Pickett. Some other changes to look for this Spring include: - Improving coaching and working with the Legion baseball program to give coaches the opportunity to succeed and give the kids the best experience. - Implementing and enforcing stricter sportsmanship from players, coaches, parents and staff. - Improving parent/player/coaching relationships. - Working with the City of Casper to make improvements to the playing fields. - Adding new draining systems to the fields. - Stepping up the food quality at the concession stands. "Baseball is still America's favorite past time and we want to celebrate that with our community," said board Treasurer, Lindsey Pariscoff. The Casper Youth Baseball board members also mentioned that they have elected to cover 100% of scholarship funds to help get Casper's youth into the baseball program, something that has not been done in the past. "We as a board are all going to continue to work harder to give our youth something that they can be proud of. We want a program that we can be proud of and we will continue to improve the experience for the kids and their parents," said Kessner. They were also excited to be bringing back the All Star Program this Summer, which has disappeared in the past few years, and they are happy to be bringing the Mike Rogers Memorial Tournament to the Oil City this June. "We have never looked at the Casper Youth Baseball program as broken, we just have our eyes on making the program better," commented Kessner and his team. The registration deadline to get your kids registered for Summer baseball ends on April 22nd. "The game of baseball is so unique and a great way for our kids to learn life lessons on the diamond. It puts them in many unique situations to learn and grow, and we just want to give that opportunity to our youth," concluded Kessner. To learn more about Casper Youth Baseball see the flyer below or contact the team at (307)-234-7087. ​ #oilcity #news