Woman pleads guilty to fourteen counts of felony check fraud and obtaining goods under false pretenses

(Casper, Wyo.) - Casper woman Dawn Engleman plead guilty to sixteen charges of felony check fraud. Each charge carries a ten year $10,000 fine. Casper Police Officers responded in October to a report of fraudulent activity on a woman's checking account. The caller told officers that her checking account had been depleted of almost $5,000 in less than a month, according to reports. The woman reviewed her account and found numerous checks had posted that she did not write. According to court records, the victim suspected her grandson and his 'skinny blonde girlfriend' were responsible for the check forgeries. She reported to officers that her grandson and his girlfriend had previously stayed at her residence and had access to her checkbooks. Upon further investigation, officers were able to identify the girlfriend as Dawnelle Engleman. In November, officers gained access to surveillance photographs of the two suspects, the woman's grandson and Engleman. Officers reviewed the forged checks and noted that the majority were used at both Walmarts in Casper. It was reported in court records that Engleman had signed checks using the victim's name. According to court records, when a person writes a check to Walmart, it is processed electronically. After a purchase is made, the purchaser writes out the check and gives it to the cashier. The cashier then runs the check and a digital signature is requested by the check writer. After the signature is made, a statement comes up stating, "I authorize you to collect my check by EFT/draft and if returned unpaid to collect the amount plus the posted fee." Then the check is usually returned to the customer. Casper Police Detectives learned through their investigation, that Walmart will issue a cash refund when a receipt is presented for an item that was paid with a check. There is no hold on a refund when a receipt is presented and identification with the electronic signature. Detectives gained video surveillance footage from Walmart that showed a female, identified as Dawnelle Engleman, sign digital signatures as the victim numerous times. Reports indicate that Engleman was shown numerous times writing out the checks at the counter and frequently returning items with the receipt and receiving cash. Late in November officers located Engleman. They recognized her as the one in the surveillance videos and she was brought to the Casper Police Department for an interview. Engleman denied writing any checks at Walmart stating that she did not have a checking account. Detectives showed Engleman the video footage where she confirmed that it was her and that she had had authorization by the victim to write the checks. Detectives then contacted the check's owner who stated that she had never given Engleman or anybody permission to ever write a check on her account. Based on the transaction surveillance footage and records, it was apparent to Detectives that Engleman conspired to purchase items with stolen checks for personal use and also for the cash value of a return. Engleman was arrested and charged with 22 counts of forgery, 17 counts of conspiracy to commit forgery, 14 counts of obtaining goods under false pretenses, and 13 counts of conspiracy to obtain good under false pretenses. Today the state agreed to dismiss counts one, and 16-23 in exchange for her guilty pleas to 3-15. As part of the plea deal she will.serve no more than 5-7 years and ordered to pay some sort of restatution which will be ordered during her sentencing. #oilcity #news