Male claims he was fishing when his car was stolen and crashed into the East RV Park, later arrested for DWUI

(Casper, Wyo.) - On Saturday 04/19/2016 at approximately 9:52 pm Casper Police Officers responded to 2800 E Yellowstone for a crash. Dispatch advised that a single vehicle had flown over a fence and collided with a parked car in the KOA campground. Reports show that the driver of the suspect vehicle had run from the scene in a Northbound direction. Officers arrived on scene and observed a blue Toyota Yaris 4 door on to of an unattended Chevrolet Cobalt. Reports show that the Toyota had no registration and was turned off with no key in the ignition. Officers met with the reporting party to help locate the suspect. The RP reported in court records, that she was traveling west on East Yellowstone when she observed the blue Yaris pass her from the inside lane. The RP estimated the the vehicle was traveling between 60-70 mph. As the Yaris passed her, it veered into the outside lane and then into the campground. It was reported that the Yaris tore through the mini golf course inside the campground before it ramped an object and became airborne. The Yaris crashed into a parked vehicle located near the front office of the KOA. The RP continued to report that the driver, and sole occupant, jumped out and ran northbound. The RP described the male the male as a thin white male wearing khaki 'carhart' pants and a ball cap. Officers continued their investigation and spoke with KOA Manager, who advised that he did not see the crash but heard it and observed the suspect wearing khakis and fleeing from the scene. Reports continue to show that a wrecker was called to the scene and officers would later locate a valid New Mexico temporary tag with the name, Cory Woisin on the back. Officers continued their search of the area and later located a male attempting to scale a barbed wire fence in the area North of the KOA, according to reports. Officers made contact with the male who matched the previous description. It was reported that officers noted that the male, identified as Woisin, smelled strongly of an alcoholic beverage and had very red, bloodshot eyes and slurred speech. It was reported that Woisin was so intoxicated that at one point while struggling with officers, he confused the officer's taser as his own cell phone. Reports continue to show that Woisin met the description described and had injuries to his face and hands that were consistent with a front impact crash. Woisin continued to fight and yell insults at officers. He told officers that he admitted to drinking a twelve pack of Budweiser and been at a local bar, but was not driving the vehicle. Woisin stated that someone must have stolen his car while he was fishing earlier in the day. He was taken to WMC for his injures and arrested for DWUI, leaving the scene of an accident, careless driving, disturbing the peace and interference w/PO. #oilcity #news