To shovel snow? Or to clean for Spring? City offers options for Spring cleaning around town

(Casper, Wyo.) –What is more fun, shoveling Winter/Spring/Summer/Fall snow? Or Spring cleaning? Spring is in the air (for now) and it it time to start cleaning up your yards, neighborhoods, and alleys. The City of Casper wants to remind citizens that in addition to maintaining your property free and clear of junk, litter, weeds, tree limbs, etc., you are also responsible for the maintenance of the alley adjacent to your property and the parkway area in front of your home/business. Tree branches, residential yard waste, metal appliances, electronics, and recyclable metal can be taken directly to the City of Casper Solid Waste Facility located at 1886 Station Road for disposal at no charge to you when you show your water bill. Residential household hazardous waste (i.e., paint, oil, cleaners, etc.) can be disposed of at no charge by delivering them to the Special Waste Facility located at 1883 Station Road. Trash dumpsters are for bagged residential household waste only. Items such as sod, bricks, building materials, concrete, dirt, and appliances containing Freon are the responsibility of the property owner/tenant to properly dispose of, and can be brought to the Solid Waste Facility. For more information, visit the City of Casper’s website at or contact Code Enforcement at (307) 235-8254. *Feature Photo: h.t Christopher Thomas Spring 2015/Pitchengine Communities * #oilcity #news