'To the Moon and Back' kids learned about the Moon and Space with the Boys and Girls Club

(Casper, Wyo.) - Monday night families from around Casper and Natrona County gathered at Mills Elementary for a night of exploration and excitement with the Boys and Girls Club of Central Wyoming. Program Director, Ms. Amanda worked with kids of all ages showing them the phases of the Moon with Oreos. ​ "I just like to raise awareness in Astronomy and share the kids' interests Space and the stars and things that they may not understand. This is a way for kids to get their hands dirty a bit and learn about Astronomy," commented Ms. Amanda. The kids participated in creating Galaxy Slime with paint, glitter and cotton balls, creating a galaxy in a bottle with Boys and Girls Club supervisor, Birttney Baxter. ​First grade student, Willow Mason commented, "I learned that glow in the dark paint looks like milk in my galaxy." Willow and her sister, Lily,showed off their Galaxies! ​ Michele Wistisen from the Casper Planetarium helped teach kids about the stars and commented, "I like to be here and show support of extracurricular activities, and teach the kids about the stars and the things we do at the Planetarium." ​ Also as part of the fun, a photo booth was set up for kids to create astronaut helmets and have their picture taken on the moon. Keeren and Kaiah Baxter took full advantage of this! ​ To learn more about this program and the Boys and Girls Club visit their website at #oilcity #news