Local Senator says $2.4 billion allocated for Wyoming's students

(Casper, Wyo.) - Many Casper community members came together at the Casper Chamber of Commerce Post Legislative Luncheon at the Ramkota this morning. Natrona County Senator Jim Anderson spoke about the new 70 mph speed limits, to an appreciative crowd. He also dived into the budge session and detailed educating spending for the state. "We allocated $2.498 billion towards education for K-16. Much of that money came from state and federal funding. $267 million went towards community colleges in the state, $1.79 billion towards K-12 programs and $441.6 million went to the University.The majority of our budget went to these items." Senator Anderson would later address the community question, "What's your plan regarding the source of school funding with the projected loss of the coal lease bonus money?" Anderson spoke of the Coal Lease Fund that has grown since the year 1973. "Going into the next legislative session, we have $438 million in the fund. After the 2017/2018 session we will have $147,242 after updating educational programs in the state. Looking to the 2019/2020 session we will have to lean on the general fund unless we can come up with another solution." #oilcity #news