Don Johns enters not guilty plea to 1st degree murder

(Casper, Wyo.)-This morning thirty-seven year old Don Johns plead not guilty to the single charge of 1st degree murder following an August incident where he allegedly killed his roomate. Johns allegedly stabbed and killed his roommate at a residence at 314 North Jackson Street in Casper. He is currently being held on a million dollar bond. According to court documents, on August 30th 2015, at approximately 1 p.m. Casper Police Detectives were assigned to a homicide which occurred at 314 N. Jackson Street. Reports show that on-scene officers were advised that a man was located by his neighbors and had been stabbed. Reports indicate that the found male was covered in blood and dead upon officer arrival. Officers performed a protective sweep of the the residence and found the bathtub running and a katana sword near the tub. The victim had several visible stab and cut wounds on his back. Officers were advised by the reporting party that the man and his roommate, Don Johns, got into an argument in front of the residence earlier in the day. A search warrant was served at 314 N. Jackson, where it was learned from officers, that the male had been stabbed approximately 20 times during what appeared to officers to be an edged weapon attack that spread through three rooms. A knife was located in a dumpster in the alleyway of the residence. Johns would later turn himself into authorities. #oilcity #news