Natrona County Legislature tackled tough questions and addressed the community at Chamber Luncheon

(Casper, Wyo.) - Wednesday the Casper Chamber of Commerce hosted the Natrona County Legislatures and gave them a few minutes to address the community. First up was Wyoming Representative Kendell Kroeker, "We will be reviewing all of the state marijuana laws and figuring out what to do with edibles. The key is trying to find a fair way to monitor and regulate it." Senator Bill Landen commented about funding for community colleges in the state and mentioned a re-calibration of the school and considering funding options. Representative Carl Bunky Loucks joked about the State Jet Plane bill crash and went on to comment about his excitement for the new State Office to be constructed in Casper. "I have been an energy guy for many years, and this is the worst energy environment I have ever witnessed," said Tom Lockhart, Natrona County Representative. Lockhart went on to discuss Wyoming's budget and the future, stating, "We took control of the money that we had and distributed it as we could." Representative Tim Stubson echoed Lockhart's comments and felt that the current budget will set Wyoming ahead for the next two years. "The cuts versus savings debate was the big talk at this year's session. Some see the energy crisis and dangers in the skies above Wyoming, but we also see it as an opportunity for growth and improvement," said Stubson. Jim Anderson, Wyoming Senator praised the legislation for 70 MPH speed limits to a notable crowd and commented, "This is a great deal for our drivers and commerce through the state." Anderson also spoke of educational funding and how the monies were distributed. After each member had a chance to speak, the forum was opened up and the Legislatures were asked about issues pertaining to Natrona County as well as Wyoming. The first question asked about how the Legislature will find a viable solution to support the medical community. Representative Steve Harshman answered, "We face an uphill battle with this. Twenty-six other states have expanded, and at this time I just don't think we are there yet as a state. It's not about us not supporting the medical community, we just are trying to do what is right for Wyoming. I think we are still searching for that Wyoming solution." Tim Stubson took a stab at the question and reported, "The avenue that we take has to be sustainable, affordable and allow Wyoming to keep our options open. A proposal that allows people to better themselves. We at this point have an opportunity to move forward with this and the discussions will continue." Tom Reeder jumped into a question of overall distribution of funding for towns and cities in Wyoming. "Is it enough? Is this fair? Should we give more to the larger communities or the smaller ones? It can really be a tough decision, but want we aim to do is to keep that money in the state. Keep our federal funding in the state to help all of our communities." Carl Bunky Loucks concluded the panel discussion speaking of the upgrade to Casper College and bringing more four year programs to the community college. "There is funding here, and this is a big win for Casper College and Natrona County." To speak with one of the Wyoming Legislatures, find their contact information at the link Here . #oilcity #news