Instagram, mixing it up to create the right recipe

(Wyoming) Facebook purchased Instagram in 2012 for a billion dollars. So it's perhaps a little surprising that it took them four years to create the recipe. Instagram announced earlier this month that they are tinkering with the algorithms of the company's news feed, making it so the most popular photos in your clique show up first, rather than showing all your friends' photos in the order they were posted. This is similar to the way Facebook has changed how your news feed presents updates, and is allegedly to prevent users from missing "the moments we believe you will care about the most." This morning several celebrities on the app began spreading the word to "follow my feed," or "turn on post notifications," in order to boost their presence across the platform. This has caused a slight panic among Instagram users, prompting the company to tweet assurances that the change would not be happening tomorrow, or possibly any time soon. ​ You can always find us on Instagram , Twitter , and Facebook if not here. #oilcity #news