'Hellos from Heaven'-Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo to bring healing experience to Casper

(Casper, Wyo.) - Even with our copious amount of snow, TLC's Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo, is still excited to visit Casper next week. TLC’s hit show, Long Island Medium, featuring, Theresa Captuto, will be appearing live at the Casper Events Center on Wednesday, April 6th at 7:30 pm. We were lucky to catch up with her for a brief chat before the show. She told us that this will be her first trip to Casper, "I'm really excited to come and share my gift. I feel like everyone has an amazing gift and it is up to us to share that gift, mine is the farthest thing from normal." Theresa is to share personal stories about her life and explain how her gift works. She will deliver healing messages to audience members and give people comfort knowing that their loved ones who passed are still with them, just in a different way. "I want everyone to feel comfortable and to feel welcome; welcome like we are visiting in my own home. I never want people to feel intimidated at my shows." She continued to comment that she will speak to the community and bring them together and closer to loved ones during a two hour spiritual experience. "Remember, your loved ones are always with you and around to guide you.You are responsible for your own happiness, and I hope to bring peace, joy and happiness to Casper." “The Experience” brings Theresa face-to-face with her fans, as she lets spirit guide her through the audience. A video display ensures everyone in the venue has an up-close-hands-on experience regardless of seat location. “The experience isn’t about believing in mediums. It’s about witnessing something life-changing” said Theresa. Theresa told us that she has been seeing, feeling, and sensing Spirits since she was four years old, but it wasn’t until her 20s that she earned to communicate with souls in Heaven. "I want to share with my fans, 'Hellos from Heaven' and allow them to embrace those feelings." She has been a medium for over ten years and continues to tour the county speaking and sharing healing messages. The Long Island, Hicksville, NY native has written many books and has also appeared on such programs as “Jay Leno,” “Jimmy Fallon,” “Steve Harvey,” “Life with Kelly and Michael,” “Dr. Oz,” & “The Today Show.” "The audience will leave restored and I want to show them that there is more to life than this world," concluded Theresa. To learn more about the upcoming show visit the Learn more about Theresa, here Feature Photo: h.t Theresa Caputo/Pitchengine Communities #oilcity #news