Male located sleeping on Dairy Queen lawn after burglarizing Outlet Liquor Store

(Casper, Wyo.) - On March 29th Casper Police Officers were called to instigate a burglary which occurred at N. Poplar Street, Outlet Liquor in Casper. Officers were informed that there was a burglary reported at Outlet Liquor in which an individual, later identified as Jospeh W Rieke was the suspect. Deputies were further advised on scene, that the male was located sleeping on the lawn of Dairy Queen next door to the Outlet store. Officers noted in court records that Rieke had dry wall particles on his clothing. Casper Police Officers also observed that the male had entered the Liquor store through a hole busted in the side the exterior of the building wall. Court records continue to show that they saw broken bottles and damaged cartons of cigarettes. Officers then spoke with the Reporting Party who stated that earlier he was awoken by Rieke who was in possession of five fifths of alcohol and an entire bottle of Margarita Mix. Rieke told the RP that the clerk at the store had given him the bottles of alcohol, according to reports. Rieke reported that the clerk was to give him more. The RP advised that he take a taxi, but the two decided to walk, according to reports. The RP reported that the two got to Outlet Liquor and observed a large hole busted in the wall of the store. Rieke requested assistance in breaking a 2x4 blocking the entry point. The RP refused to enter the store and observed all the lights off as well as the alarm system. While Rieke was in the store the RP advised that the clerk just pulled up and he yelled to notify Rieke. Due to the unsettling observations by the RP, the RP decided the event was not legit, according to reports. He then left the store running and called the police. Officers then spoke with the clerk who stated, that she was due to arrive at the store to start her day. Once she arrived at the store she observed the wall was breached and she noted a male subject standing outside of the hole but was not able to identify him. She observed the individual leaning inside of the hole before walking away from the store. She lost sight of the male and called law enforcement. She reported that officers arrived on scene and were let in to look at surveillance footage and assess the damages. She recognized Rieke as a regular to the store due to his long blonde hair sticking out of a stalking cap. The male collected cigarettes but no money according to reports.The estimated value of stolen property was estimated at $120.00. Officers showed the clerk a police lineup of suspects and she focused on Rieke. Rieke was then arrested and charged with burglary and felony property damage. #oilcity #news