Male kicks Deputy after scaring three; Arrested for interference with a peace officer

(Natrona County, Wyo.) - On March 30 at approximately 5:52 pm NCSO dispatch received a call from a caller from Chamberlain Road. The RP reported that her boyfriend, identified as Bernie Fellars, broke down her door, according to court records. The RP reported that she was there with her were two children and they retreated to a locked bedroom. NCSO were en-route when it was reported that Fellars was trying to break down the door and had a knife and that he was holding it against his neck. At approximately 5:55 pm NCSO Deputies arrived at the residence on Chamberlain Road. Reports show that they heard pounding coming from inside of the residence. While approaching, Deputies observed a broken glass bottle of Crown Royal on the walkway and an open door.Deputies heard the pounding and a female scream. The responding Deputy expanded his baton and entered the residence. The Deputy located the male in a child's bedroom, according to reports. The Deputy entered the room and noticed Fellars on his knees, two small children and the woman cowering to the rear of the room. The Deputy grabbed Fellars' left arm and drug him from the bedroom to the living room, according to reports. The Deputy questioned Fellars where the knife was an was told it was in his pocket. Deputies then handcuffed Fellars and noted that he appeared and smelled very intoxicated. While attempting to talk with Fellars, he reportedly kicked the Deputy in the leg and was again taken to the ground. He was then charged with attempted assault of a police officer and was transported to NCDC. Law enforcement then spoke with the RP who advised that she was in a relationship with Fellars and earlier that day the two were drinking at the residence. She reported that Fellars had drank prior to coming to the place on Chamberlain Road. It was reported that the two drank shots of Crown Royal together and at one point Fellars went outside to smoke a cigarette. For unknown reasons Fellars began to escalate his speech and began to yell and scream at the woman. He reportedly threw the Crown Royal bottle to the ground and the woman retreated to the bedroom. She told Fellars to calm down several times and to leave because he was scaring her and her children. She then reported that he began to pound on the locked door and then broke the door down. He was later charged with unlawful entry into an occupied structure with an attempt to commit battery and interference with a peace officer. #oilcity #news