Spring Break Snow Day in Casper, Wyoming!

(Casper, Wyo.) -Spring Break Snow day in Casper, Wyoming, the community got pretty creative with their creations! h.t Carolyn Herrmann Sanchez SnowSphinx ​ h.t Denise Etherton "This is my granddaughter and our first Wyoming snow, we moved from California." ​ h.t Krysti Bills-Glenrock Snowman ​ h.t Bobi Hayden-Snow Fort ​ h.t Corey Wolfe ​ h.t Ryan Atkins- Built this @1717 S Jefferson ​ ​h.t Dawn 'Hague' Shupick ​ h.t Jake Moncrieff ​ #oilcity #snapped #news