Two individuals bound over to District Court after March drug bust

(Natrona County, Wyo.) - On Monday March 21st 2016 we reported that a vehicle was stopped along I-25 and two individuals were searched and officers located a substantial amount of methamphetamine. The two were arrested by DCI. This morning Correy Garriott and Pauline Hemicker's cases were bound over to District Court. Hemicker waived her hearing while Garriott sat with his attorney and the Judge ruled sufficient evidence to bound his case over to District. Garriott, was arrested and charged with one count of conspiracy to deliver a controlled substance, meth. Pauline Hemicker was arrested and charged with felony possession of a controlled substance, possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver, delivery of a controlled substance and conspiracy to deliver. According to court records, during the winter months of 2016 Special Agents with the Wyoming Department of Criminal Investigations discovered a drug trafficking operation within the city limits of Casper. The distributor and leader of the organization was identified as Pauline Irene Hemicker. During the first week of March 2016, the Special Agents interviewed an unnamed source who stated that he/she had been receiving fronts of methamphetamine from Hemicker for approximately six months. The source reported that he/she would then sell the meth through his/her network and give the proceeds to Hemicker. According to reports, during the first week of March 2016 Hemicker fronted the source a larger than user amount of meth to sell. On or about March 20, 2016, the source advised DCI that Hemicker was traveling to Cheyenne to pick up methamphetamine for distribution in the Casper area. Special Agents again spoke with an unknown source on March 14, 2016, who reported much of the same story as above, and also reported that Hemicker was traveling to Cheyenne to pick up methamphetamine for distribution in the Casper area. Agents from the Casper office of DCI conducted surveillance on Hemicker and agents observed her to have traveled to Cheyenne. According to reports, the trip began at approximately 10:00 pm on March 20th and on March 21st, Hemlicker was observed leaving Cheyenne at approximately 6:00 am. At approximately 9:30 am on March 21st agents from the Casper office of DCI along with the Wyoming Highway Patrol initiated a traffic stop on Hemicker's black Cadillac. The traffic stop was conducted within Natrona County on I-25 North bound near Casper. Reports continue to show that a K-9 sniff of the vehicle indicated the presence of methamphetamine, however only small qualities were located inside Hemlicker's purse and in the console of the vehicle. Later in the day, at approximately 9:45 am Special Agents interviewed Hemicker and she agreed to speak with agents. Initially Hemicker denied any involvement in methamphetamine traffic, but admitted that she was a user of meth. Upon further questioning, Hemicker admitted that she had approximately one ounce of methamphetamine in her brassiere. Hemicker extracted two large clear plastic baggies with crystal shards from her bra. She also extracted a black bag and inside was glass pipes with meth residue and a scale with residue on it. She was then transported to Natrona County Detention Center and charged with the four counts. Agents transported the crystal shards to the Casper office of the Wyoming Department of Investigation and weighed the two baggies located. One baggie weighed 109 grams and the other weighed 68 grams. Agents tested the shards which revealed a positive result for methamphetamine. The male involved, Corey Garriott was in the vehicle with Hemicker and it was reported in court records that Garriott was Hemicker's 'collector' that collects from persons who are indebted to Hemicker. A records check revealed that Garritott had outstanding warrants for his arrest and was arrested for conspiracy to deliver controlled substance, meth. #oilcity #news