Wyoming company, McGinley Orthopedics Awarded Hard Science Incubator Client of the Year

(Wyoming) - International Business Innovation Association (InBIA) has selected McGinley Orthopedics as InBIA's 2016 Outstanding Hard Science Incubator Client of the Year! McGinley Orthopedics (MO) is part of the Wyoming Technology Business Center (WTBC), a business incubator program with incubators in Laramie, Sheridan and Casper, Wyoming. MO, in June 2013, became the first client of the WTBC Casper Area Incubator. With its main office located at the University of Wyoming, WTBC is a statewide UW business development program focusing on developing early stage, technology-based companies, with an emphasis on high-growth firms. The program helps client companies grow larger and faster than they would otherwise, and increases the ability of the entrepreneurs to manage and grow their businesses. InBIA is the world's leading organization advancing business incubation and entrepreneurship. Driven by its mission, InBIA helps communities enable entrepreneurs to transform their dreams into innovative businesses that make global prosperity a reality. Hundreds apply and it is a true honor to be recognized by this esteemed group. InBIA judges look for companies that have developed a particularly effective innovation and have accomplished their mission. MO has 11 employees at its headquarters in the incubator including a full engineering staff and an additional 21 employees at McGinley Manufacturing located in Glenrock, Wyoming. Its flagship product, IntelliSense Drill Technology®, is on the market and its technology is benefiting patients across the country. The IntelliSense Drill features an auto-stop on the far side of the bone, automatic depth measurement to tell surgeons accurate screw size and In-Sight Surgical Lighting™ which eliminates the surgical field. For more on McGinley Orthopedics, go to To learn more about Wyoming Business Technology Center go to More information on the awards and InBIA go to Photos: h.t McGinley Orthopedics/Pitchengine Communities #oilcity #dally #bootstrapped #news