Male attacks two with thoughts and words of 'sacrifices and demons'; Arrested for multiple charges

(Casper, Wyo.) - On Friday, April 1st at approximately 6:15 am Casper Police Officers responded to the area of CY Avenue for a report of a disturbance. According to reports, officers arrived on scene and were advised that a male, later identified as Christopher Durgin was fighting in the parking lot. Officers were advised that Durgin had assaulted a male and female but was now separated and was in the parking lot rambling about demons. Upon arrival officers located Durgin, who matched the description provided by dispatch. Reports show that Durgin was screaming towards the sky. Officers stepped out of patrol cars and they overheard Durgin yelling non-scenically about the Bible and demons. Officers attempted to speak with Durgin, who continued to ramble, according to reports and spoke about the devil. Reports continue to show that he began making furtive movements and waving his hands towards the sky. Because of his bizarre behavior, officers believed that Durgin was under the influence of methamphetamine. They asked him if he was okay, and he reportedly clinched his fists as though ready to attack. Reports show that he rushed the officer and threw a 'haymaker' punch towards him. Reports continue to show that officers gained control of Durgin and put handcuffs on him. He was taken to a patrol car continuing to yell about demons. Officers then spoke with one of the witnesses at the residence who told them, he had been hanging out at his apartment on CY Avenue with a female friend of his and Durgin, who he had just met. He told officers that he went to sleep and was awoken by Durgin screaming about 'demons'. He told officers that he saw Durgin attacking the female and he attempted to stop him. The witness continued to report that he attempted to contact law enforcement and was attacked by Durgin who punched him until he fell to the ground. While on the ground he attempted to dial 911 again, when reports show, Durgin grabbed a snow shovel and began striking him in the back and the head. The male then fled from the area without shoes. Officers searched the area for the male. They spoke with During and then transported him to WMC for clearance. He wast transported to NCDC without incident. Reports continue to show that officers then spoke with the woman involved who stated, that she was approached by Durgin on the 31st at the Library bus stop and they began talking and would eventually walk to the residence along CY Avenue together. Reports continue to show that the two went to another place and Durgin cooked her dinner. Reports continue to show that the two would later return to the CY residence where the three were hanging out. The woman decided to go to sleep but had reported, weird feelings about Durgin but went to sleep. At approximately 6:00 am, according to reports, the female was woken up by Durgin violently shaking her by her shoulders. Durgin began rambling about "god and the devil" and stated that he must 'sacrifice' her for God. Durgin then apologized to God for the 'sacrifice' then proceeded to bite the woman on the left side of her neck covering the jugular, according to reports. Reports continue to show that her screams woke the other male who came in and assisted and called 911. Upon further investigation of the injuries and statements, Christopher Durgin was arrested and charged with two counts of aggravated assault, possession of meth and being under the influence of a controlled substance. #oilcity #news