#WyoStrong: Don't let the Downturn break your Spirit

(Casper, Wyo.) - Our #WyoStrong series continues with a Casper man who has recently been laid off from the oil industry and has not been as fortunate as some others in landing a new career, yet he continues to persevere and hold his head high. Fifty-four year old Daniel Phillips has worked in the oil industry for ten plus years starting his career at the National Oilwell Varco (NOV). Phillips worked there for four and a half years, building oilfield shocks and equipment before moving to Packers Plus to work for five years. He was recently let go this March due to a reduction in workforce. Phillips commented, "I was one of the last ones to get let go. I found myself asking what many are asking themselves, what am I going to do know? I'm much older than many of these guys, and I have no prior college experience." He continued, "The game has changed and everything is online now. I have not found anything yet but I am continuing to look and keep my spirits up." Phillips reported that he was lucky in the first round of layoffs from Packers Plus, as they reduced a team of 22 to seven employees. "I have filed for unemployment, registered with job service and updated my resume. I don't want something like this to break me and my spirit," said Phillips. He plans to go to college or seek some type of trade school, "find something different" as he put it. "I'm just hoping this is a blessing in disguise, I have come so far and I am not going go give up. It now has to be something that I enjoy doing and I am working to embrace the change. My best advice is to not get stuck sitting on the couch feeling bad for yourself, but getting up and staying positive and active." Phillips has no plans of letting this downturn break his spirit, and neither should any of you! #oilcity #news