A few brief takeaways from Jane Sanders visit to the Oil City

(Casper,Wyo.) - Tonight about a hundred people came out to see and listen to Jane Sanders, wife of presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. Jane Sanders entered the room to a standing ovation and tackled some tough questions from Wyomingites. ​Casper City Councilman, Shawn Johnson was in attendance and asked Jane about the recent layoffs in the coal industry in Wyoming and how Bernie plans to address these issues. Jane commented and explained, "People are making changes. And getting laid off is terrible, I know how terrible that is but changes are happening. Bernie is very clear that he wants to move away from fossil fuels but we want to move towards a cleaner world. We should be training people now before they get that pink slip. The world is moving away from coal, gas and oil and it takes time to rebuild." She continued to comment that she understands that the training takes time but reinforced that Bernie, "Will work incredibly hard for the working people of this country." Casper resident, Eathan Murphy, twenty years in Wyoming commented before Jane took center stage, "I just think it's nice to see other Democrats in Wyoming and this is great for them to all come together." Brenna Cain and Ann Miller also came out to show their support for Bernie Sanders and commented, "The thing that draws me the most about Bernie is that he is coming to the public, not as a politician with all the answers, but as someone bringing opportunity. It's not me, it's us with Bernie." Cain added, "He really cares about the people and is working on issues that they face daily." Jane Sanders continued, "Bernie wants to invest in the people and in training people. He has a plan for us. We need to move towards a world that uses wind, solar energy, but we cannot punish the people who have worked in the coal and oil industry. Bernie has a plan to manufacture and focus on new areas and resources." "He has a plan for health care and education, free public education. Making healthcare affordable and offering healthcare as a right of citizenship. When is the best time to have a bold vision for America, that time is now. Where there is a will there is a way, and Bernie will find a way." She went on to comment, "Bernie is helping to make us a better country and a country people can believe in." "We really need to get out and talk to people, real people, not talk to the people in suits but real people living their lives." One person asked about raising the minimum wage in the country to $15/hour and Jane addressed this, "We will have to phase it in over time, and their will be a transition period and that is the difficult part. Just like moving away from coal energies, it will take time. But we are all in this together." "Bernie and I feel that we need to put people in the center. The other candidates are bullying people taking down to them, we are teaching our kids not to bully and for that to be at the center of their campaign is crazy." "Republicans are facing the same issues that we are, and we want to bring people together. Involve yourself in politics, know what's going on and be informed" She concluded, "Bernie will deal with the issues that affect our lives. Something that he has always done is to reflect the will of the people. He leads by example, that is what he has always done. " More to come from Jane Sanders this week. #oilcity #news