Natrona County, 126 Years strong today!

(Natrona County,Wyo.) - Natrona, became a County! Today we say Happy Birthday to Natrona County! We spoke with the ladies from the Natrona County Clerks office and they agreed to a picture outside the Natrona County Courthouse to help celebrate the day. County Commissioner, Matt Keating spoke with us and commented, "As former Wyoming Governor, Sullivan said, 'Wyoming is all about small towns with long streets.' It took a lot of folks and a lot of faith and character to create our great state. There is still the same good people here who settled her many years ago." According to the Natrona County website: *"The commissioners appointed by Governor Warren took the oath of office on March 5, 1890, before R. H. Wilbur, a justice of the peace residing in Casper. Immediately after the oath of office was administered, the commissioners designated Casper, in the unorganized county of Natrona, as the place to hold its meetings. The first regular meeting of the new commissioners was held on the 5th day of March, 1890, at 4 o'clock p. m., in the office of the Wyoming Lumber company, George Mitchell being president of the lumber company, and the office was located where the Nicolaysen Lumber company yards are now located. At this meeting Bryant B. Brooks was chosen chairman of the board, George Mitchell, secretary, and F. H. Harvey was appointed attorney for the board. The commissioners then established voting precincts and appointed judges of election for each voting precinct as follows:* *Casper precinct — Joel J. Hurt, J. A. Casebeer, R. H. Wilbur* *Muddy precinct — C. C. P. Webel, Edward Beach, James Milne* *Bessemer precinct — Rufus Rhoades, G. W. Johnson, G. C. Riggles* *Bates Hole precinct—Joseph Bowie, M. Benedict, Jacob Crouse* *Sweetwater precinct—H. C.Wilson, Daniel Fitger, J. H.Omstead* *Durbin precinct — LaFayette Griffin, Wm. Hunt, Samuel Johnson* *Ervay precinct — J. J. HoUiday, D. P. Smith, John F. Landon* *The board ordered that an election be held within the unorganized county of Natrona, on the 8th day of April, 1890, for the purpose of electing all county and precinct officers of the said county of Natrona, and for the selection of a county seat for the said county.* *The notice of the election was ordered published in the Casper Weekly Mail, the first paper published in Casper, and the only one published here at that time. * *The next exciting event was the county election, held April 8, 1890, and the selection of the county seat was the big drawing card of the day. The contest for the county seat was between Casper and Bessemer from the very moment that it was officially declared that there was to be a Natrona county, and after the smoke of battle had cleared away it was learned that in the entire county Bessemer had received 731 votes, against 353 for Casper....."* *This is text taken from History of Natrona County Wyoming 1888-1922 by Alfred James Mokler. Read the rest of the story at the Internet Archive website. You can download a version of this book. Thanks to Kevin Anderson, you can view photos of the original recordings and read about it in our founders' own words.* Keating continued, "Wyoming and Natrona County residents have a strong spirtit and people get out and work with their neighbors. We may be seeing some tougher times now, but we are all here and concerned for one another. Wyoming a unique place unlike any other state, we really are all family." "I hope Natrona County can see another 126 years," concluded Keating. #oilcity #news