New little lives to the Oil City

(Casper, Wyo.) - Our partners at Wyoming Medical Center have provided us with the end of March recent births in Casper. *March 27, 2016 * - Girl, Lily Annrose, to Audrey Haller & Gary Snay II, Casper *March 28, 2016 * - Boy, Wyatt Michael, to Alicia & Justin Marler, Casper - Girl, Charlie Coral, to Claire & Tyrell Marlow, Casper - Girl, Sarah Dawn, to Michelle Bennett & Shaun Chriswisser, Casper - Girl, Ayvree May, to Carissa Hanson & Jade Bolin, Casper *April 1, 2016 * - Girl, Abrielle Rose, to Katie VanArsdall & Randy Anderson, Casper - Girl, Shanlie Jorose, to Rachelle Clarkson & Darrell Watson, Casper - Boy, Ryder Dean, to Marcy & Eric Marvel, Casper - Girl, Maren Barbara, to Katherine & Jesse Boehnke, Casper - Girl, Ava Catherine, to Madeline Gaddis, Casper Feature Photo: Communities #oilcity #news #wmc