Casper man allegedly steals money while working at K-Mart

(Casper, Wyo.) - On Friday April 8th at approximately 5:13 pm Casper Police Officers responded to 4000 E. 2nd Street K-Mart in reference to a theft. The RP advised that he had a store employee who was suspected of stealing at least $1,2000.00 cash from the store, according to reports. Upon arrival officers made contact with the RP who advised that he was holding store employee, Brandon Alan Partin, in the store security office. He stated that Partin came under suspicion of stealing cash from the cash registers while performing his job as a cashier. Officers and the manager reviewed video survalence footage from January of 2016-April 8th and reports show that they saw numerous incidents where Partin opened the cash drawer for no reason, removed unknown cash amounts and then put the money aside. The RP advised that he had interviewed Partin on the suspicious activity and that Partin admitted to stealing, "Close to $1,200.00 or more" while he worked as a cashier. Partin gave the RP a written statement confessing to the thefts. Reports continue to show that officers made contact with Partin at the store. Partin told officers that he had been taking money from the cash drawer while he worked their since January. He advised that he would remove small amounts of cash, set it aside and then pick it up later. Officers then arrested Partin and charged him with felony theft. #oilcity #news