Casper company aims to 'adapt and survive' as Wyoming has over the years

(Casper, Wyo.) -"You are in total control of your destiny," commented Wyoming Signs' Manager Enoch Hart last week. ​Hart has been working alongside his friend and partner, Malik Hegge, for a few years and their team, has grown the business over the years. ​Hart continued, "Forty percent of our customers have left Wyoming, so we had to adopt and improve our business. We now sell signs to Montana, Colorado, New York as well as Wyoming." Wyoming Signs is now taking a closer look at what they are doing and looking to "maximize their strengths and minimize their weaknesses". By adding some new equipment and technologies, the business has grown and they are now able to create and manufacture unique work signs, business signs, construction signs, billboards and more. ​"This is Wyoming, so it takes a community to build an economy and that's what we are working to do with the communities' support. We have hundreds of customers, some big and some small but they all matter to us," said Hart. Hart continued to comment on the recent slump in Wyoming's economy, "The best thing one can do is to keep their eyes on the horizon and keep moving forward. It does no one any good to sit here scared. We all know people who are in a pickle but we are still in control of our own destinies. " Wyoming Signs has also started selling road construction barrels and drums as a way to boost their services. ​"We are an adapt and survive company, just as Wyoming is. No matter what happens with this current situation, there will be a lot of good to come out of it, just nobody sees it yet," he concluded. ​To learn more about Wyoming Signs visit them online: #oilcity #news #bootstrapped