Man Cave Coffee, all the buzz around the Oil City

(Casper, Wyo.) - "How about we do a bikini coffee shop-Josh asked me," commented Manager and Owner of Man Cave Coffee in Casper. "I told him,'sounds good to me' and we kicked it off." The new coffee shop in Casper has been all the buzz this week after its grand opening on the first of April. ​​Company owners, Elisha Brown and Josh Johnson, wanted to bring something fun and different to Casper when they opened the shop. "We are here to do business, just like any other business. We are happy to be here and happy to be doing something fun and different. We have appreciated the support of Casper residents and Casper has been amazing to us, " said Johnson who is helping out at the Coffee Shop while working in the energy industry. Brown commented in between taking customers orders and making smoothies, "We just want to people to know that we are just serving coffee with a smile. We want and encourage people to have their own opinions and if they don't want to get coffee from us, then they are free to get it someplace else. Anybody who doesn't want to be here doesn't need to be here." The two are working to provide for their families and they are employing two bikini baristas working to keep up with the growing customers. Johnson commented, "We are held to all health codes and all city ordinances, just like any other business." Brown mentioned that they serve up a hundred plus different coffee combinations, various flavors of fruit smoothies, muffins and a lunch special. As the Summer moves closer, the team hopes to get menu boards in place and finish painting the coffee kiosk. ​She continued to make coffees and reported that she has served men and women at the shop since its opening and she is constantly moving. The shop is open from 5:30 am-4:00 pm and on the weekends, Brown mentioned that the mornings are generally the busiest, but they have had an influx of customers in the afternoon. "Anything that is new and different is going to turn some heads and people don't like change, but that is part of what makes us great," said Brown. ​Johnson concluded, "We have great coffee, great service and that's why we are here." You can find Man Cave Coffee in the red kiosk located at 804 E. 2nd Street. ​ #oilcity #news #bootstrapped