Four stress free tips from Casper's newest place of Zen

(Casper, Wyo.) - Wyoming is often referred to as 'Home on the Range, where the deer and the antelope play,' and one local business owner took that statement to another level when she opened her new yoga and massage studio this March. OM On the Range owner, instructor and massage therapist, Alaina Binfet, kick started the western yoga studio in March with hopes of adding a more traditional yoga studio to Casper. "I have been a massage therapist in Casper for thirteen years and I just wanted to bring traditional yoga to Casper, versus the fitness yoga classes and studios," commented Binfet at her studio located at 235 West 1st Street. She continued to report that the unique western name came to her during a *svasana *yoga position and then she just ran with the idea. "I wanted to bring a bit of the East and the West together and I felt the name captured that, as many locals relate to the western culture. Binfet told Oil City that she offers fifteen different classes throughout the week including *H*atha*, Ashtanga, Riki*, and she is always adding and rotating different arts into her courses. She has eight different yoga instructors helping her with the classes and has had a great turnout of both men, women and children attending classes. "We want to be open and invite everybody to take our classes. We are working to break the stigma that yoga is only for the fit and flexible, but it is for anybody. It does not matter age, gender, or ability," said Binfet. OM On the Range has a studio that can occupy twenty-five people, according to Binfet. While visiting with Binfet and some of her instructors, they offered four tips to live stress free in Casper: 1. Remember to breath and focus on deep breathing techniques. 2. Start each day with a morning routine, a routine of meditation or whatever you prefer to capture your zen. 3. Focus on positive mantras. 4. Stop to consider all the things that you are thankful for in your life. To learn more about Om On the Range, feel free to stop in our visit their website at #oilcity #news