'The most important election in my lifetime' - Governor Matt Mead

(Casper, Wyo.) - While many Republicans eagerly await the county votes to come in, Governor Matt Mead spoke about energy, national security and the Republican candidates. "I had trouble finding a place to park this morning that is great to have so many Republicans involved and invested in Wyoming. This is the most important election in my lifetime," said Governor Mead. He went on to recognize Wyoming men and women serving in the military, "We live in a country were our men and women still stand up for what they believe and I want a commander and chief that says; "I will have national security and I will support our troops". "As for energy, I recently visited a Wyoming coal mine and rock with a women haul truck driver who took great pride in her work as well as pride in being a mother. She told me that she is proud to tell her little girls that she not only helps Wyoming families, but provides energy for the nation. We have to have a president who understands energy." "It is not a question of who comes out of this convention, but more of do you like this candidate better than Hilary or Bernie?" #oilcity #news #county17 #county10 #dally #reboot #springcity #reboot #buckrail #shortgo