Pitchengine - Hiring Next-Generation, Full Time Reporters for Casper's Oil City and Cody/Powell's Reboot

Pitchengine is looking for a marketing-savvy, creative-thinking, news-gathering Community Mavens for Casper and Park County's community news streams, Oil City and Reboot. “We’re on the hunt for someone to produce community content such as stories, snaps, vids, news briefs and more,” explained Amanda Gaudern, Pitchengine’s Culture Maven. “You’ll empower organizations, business people, and other influencers to contribute to your community stream and deepen your brand’s impact and reach. You’ll be a brand champion. You are the face, the voice and the soul of the community news stream.” “PitchEngine is a lifestyle, not just a job, ” she added. If you know someone that you think matches our description, here’s a job description and contact information! Learn more about PitchEngine Communities or more about what's it like to work at Pitchengine, click here for culture. *What does it mean to be a Community maven?* Learn what the future of Community News Streams will hold and be a part of shaping it! [image: e92caeab-7a91-4429-ac5e-7cd73536cb0b (1).png]Join Wyoming’s, likely the country’s, most dynamic reporting team. Send your interest to #oilcity #county10 #shortgo #buckrail #county17 #reboot #springcity #dally #news #jobs