NCHS Casper FFA named number one Chapter in Wyoming

(Casper, Wyo.) - Congratulations to the NCHS Casper FFA team for an outstanding performance at 2016 Wyoming FFA State Convention. Coach Brock Burch commented Wednesday, "I am very honored and our program did things that have never been done. We were honored as the number one chapter in the state." NCHS junior Abbi Faxon commented, "We all work together as a team and we enjoy each other. We are all now studying hard for the National Convention in October." Coach Burch told Oil City that he is taking thirty champions to the national event and his team is the first Triple Crown Winner in Wyoming. "We are the first chapter in Wyoming FFA history to win the two sweepstakes and the number one chapter award in the same year. Couldn't have done it without all our support and help from the school, community and parents and of course the work of the students," concluded Coach Burch. All state winning teams and speakers earn the right to compete at nationals. Winners included: *FFA Science Fair* Animal Systems Division 1 Harley Oliver - 3rd Place Division 2 Aletta Ziehl - 2nd Place Danyaray Pribble - 3rd Place Division 3 Jacob Bentley and Gillen Faxon - 1st Place Division 4 Payton Hallsted and Ellary Golumb - 1st Place Environment/Natural Resource Systems Division 1 Michael Hollister - 1st Place Division 2 Roslan Fichtner - 2nd Place Division 3 Kelly Collins and Lexis Woodgeard - 1st Place Division 4 Chris Brown and Matt Willadsen - 1st Place Food Products and Processing Systems Division 2 Micheal Nading - 3rd Place Division 3 Annette Pasley and MacKenzie Todd - 1st Place Division 4 Emma Housholder and Leland Mooren - 1st Place Plant Systems Division 3 Hannah Dunbar and Emily Richardson - 1st Place Power, Structural and Technical Systems Division 1 Wes Bray - 1st Place Division 3 Carlice Cutright and Stone Vitale - 1st Place Division 4 Morgan Hank and Tyler Moffat - 1st Place Social Systems Division 1 Brennon Cooper - 1st Place Division 2 Abbigail Faxon - 1st Place Division 3 Baylie Till and Cheradyn Kettley - 1st Place Division 4 Sheridan Stewart and Brandon Adkins - 1st Place *Proficiency Awards* Agriculture Communications Wilson Stewart - 3rd Place Agriscience Research Integrated Systems Kaylen Lewis - 1st Place Dairy Production Danyaray Pribble - 2nd Place Forage Production Bubba Lipps - 2nd Place Goat Production Ben Campbell - 3rd Place Sheep Production Wilson Stewart - 2nd Place *Leadership Development Events -Sweepstakes Champion* Prepared Public Speaking Trey Campbell - 1st Place Extemporaneous Public Speaking Trey Campbell - 1st Place Wilson Stewart - 3rd Place Novice Parliamentary Procedure - 1st Place Cheradyn Kettley Baylie Till Cole Maser David Willett Gillen Faxon Samantha Smithey Senior Parliamentary Procedure - 3rd Place Timi Reynolds Aletta Ziehl Micheal Nading Laura Delano Bridger Helm Leland Mooren Agriculture Issues Forum - 4th Place Bridger Helm Sheridan Stewart Matt Willadsen Ellary Golumb Aletta Ziehl Laura Delano Job Interview Ben Campbell - 3rd Place FFA Quiz Bowl - 3rd Place Carlice Cutright Taya Steffens Stone Vitale Annette Pasley *Career Development Events - Sweepstakes Champion* Agronomy - 11th Place Roslan Fichtner Abbigail Faxon Laura Delano Meats Evaluation and Technology - 1st Place Sheridan Stewart - High Individual Hunter Romsa - 2nd High Ind. Matt Willadsen - 3rd High Ind. Ben Campbell - 5th High Ind. Agriculture Technology and Mechanics - 2nd Place Wilson Stewart - 4th High Individual Connor Coughenour - 7th High Ind. Trey Campbell Austin Mettler Environment/Natural Resources - 8th Place Abbigail Faxon Micheal Nading Michael Hollister Raeanna Richey Livestock Judging - 28th Place Annette Pasley Stone Vitale Carlice Cutright Danyaray Pribble Agriculture Sales - 1st Place Ben Campbell - 2nd High Individual Roslan Fichtner Savannah Housholder Tayler Cotton Farm Business Management - 2nd Place Trey Campbell Wilson Stewart Sarah Rohde Chris Brown Horse Judging - 4th Place Emily Richardson - 4th High Individual Tori McMurray - 7th High Ind. Payton Hallsted Cheradyn Kettley Poultry Judging - 3rd Place (High Team Reasons) Matt Willadsen Sheridan Stewart Tyler Moffat Angela Herrera Marketing Plan - 3rd Place Madisen Stein Tayler Cotton Raeanna Richey Vet Science - 1st Place Abbigail Faxon - High Individual Payton Hallsted - 5th High Ind. Leland Mooren - 6th High Ind. Sarah Rohde - 10th High Ind. Congrats Team! #oilcity #news