Treasurer allegedly stole $10k from the Wyoming Ambulance and Emergency Services

(Natrona County, Wyo.) - On December 18th, 2014 the Natrona County Sheriff's office met with the President of the Wyoming Ambulance and Emergency Medical Services Association (WAEMSA). The President reported to Deputies that the Secretary/Treasurer of WAEMSA, Brian Halpain, embezzled thousands of dollars of WAEMSA's money from August 2013-2014. According to reports, the embezzled money included writing unauthorized checks, making unauthorized cash withdrawals and purchases and not depositing money from WAEMSA member fees. In January of 2014, NCSO Investigators looked into the allegations against Halpain. According to reports they reviewed bank records regarding the account Halpain controlled. Investigators reviewed and gathered information that indicated $2,140.00 worth of unauthorized ATM withdrawals. They also located checks written to Halpain from the WAEMSA bank account. Following their investigation it was determined that $10,424.22 was the amount of unauthorized checks, purchases, ATM withdrawals, and non-deposited funds. Haplain was arrested and charged with felony theft and obtaining property under false pretenses. This morning during his arraignment, Halpain pled not guilty to the two charges. #oilcity #news