Wet Spring snows tamper with biathlon course construction

(Natrona County, Wyo.) - Our recent snowstorm has wreaked some havoc on Casper Mountain. The newest addition to our mountain, the Casper Biathlon facility and course has suffered a bit of weather damage from the storm. ​*Photos: h/t Casper Mountain Landowners Association* Natrona County Parks Director, Dick O'Hern reported, "The structure is sturdy, it is just one of the wing walls that has been pulled away from its hinges. Coleman Construction is still completing the work up there, and ultimately they are in charge of it. They have blocked off the underpass with caution tape and once the snow melts they will come in with some repair strategies. " O'Hern continued to comment, "Coleman Construction will continue to be in charge of repairs and maintenance of the area as they continue their construction." When the project is complete, Natrona County will have a one year warranty of the course, and once that expires, it is left to the county and the Biathlon Club to maintain the facility. He mentioned that today or later this week county staff would be looking into the damages and putting in some more caution markings and signage near the structure to alleviate possible risks. Kathy Rosser from the Casper Biathlon Club commented, "The wall is still structurally sound and the overpass is safe and there is not any danger of it collapsing. Coleman Construction has been notified and are to address the concerns." #oilcity #news