Nine new Nationally Certified Educators at Evansville Elementary

(Evansville, Wyo.) - Today nine, that's right nine, educators were honored with Ellobogen Education Awards at Evansville Elementary. These teachers are now Nationally Board Certified educators, one of the highest honors an educator can receive! Natrona County School District Superintendent Steve Hopkins commented, "This is a great day to recognize and honor the teachers and the school of Evansville Elementary. Congratulations on all of your hard work and dedication to this program. We are thankful to have more nationally certified teachers in our district." Hopkins continued to report that Natrona County School District has ninety-one nationally certified teachers teaching in the district. Ellobogen Foundation President, Mary Garland, attended the celebration and commented, "Our goal is to build a mass of certified teachers across Natrona County and Wyoming, which will ultimately help the state and districts to grow. It is a snowball effect, once a few teachers are certified, they are able to guide and help the next group." Garland reported that there are 582 nationally certified teachers across Wyoming, and that is 8% of the population of educators. "Wyoming has had the greatest growth in the last three years for new National Board Certified teachers. Wyoming ranks 8th in the nation for percentage (8%) of Nationally Board Certified educators." She went on to explain that a large part of Wyoming's success has been attributed to the partnership between the Ellbogen Foundation and the Wyoming Legislature. With nine teachers receiving the award and completing the rigorous two year program, Evansville Elementary was also honored with the Ellbogen Meritorius School Award, which had only been awarded to anther school in Natrona County. Evansville Principal, Wayne Tuttlle reported that he is happy to have nine nationally certified teachers to accent his great staff of thirty-two educators. Those honored included: - Heather Walters - Erin Ries - Noelle Clark - Amanda Wentz - Amy Radden - Laurie Kilts - Megan Bickling - Jane Harden - Paula Beran The teachers commented about the program and their accomplishments: "Honestly, it is a huge relief off my shoulders. My hard work has payed off." "This is a huge deal, something that we are all very proud of." "Raising kids is nothing compared to working through this program!" "Working through this program, it strips you down to your core. You have to find your core values, and then show your values and how you use them in the classroom." "The National Board is all about proving yourself as an educator. Showing that your methods work. The Ellobogen Foundation has been great not only providing some of the funding, but for their support throughout the program." #oilcity #news